How Do I Write an Effective Webinar Title?

Setting the Stage on the Importance of Webinar Titles

One of the unsung heroes, yet a crucial aspect, of your marketing message is your webinar title. Not only is formatting an eye-catching title vital for accurately communicating your webinar’s topic of discussion; you can also use your webinar’s title as your subject line in email promotions, and it is therefore vital for driving email opens and click-throughs to your content. For Priority Engine users who are also leveraging BrightTALK to create, promote and optimize their webinars, this last point is especially important: in BrightTALK Central, your title does double duty and functions as your promotional subject line.

However, constructing a promotional webinar title is deceptively difficult to get right. After all, the best messaging and content offers never have a chance to be seen if too few audience members ever open the email. A title that creates personal connections at scale is not easy to write; that’s why we’ve boiled down the most important takeaways for formulating eye-catching titles to get that core message in front of your audience.

Webinar Title Real Estate

Title space is at a premium. Mobile devices will typically only show the first 25-30 characters of a subject line, and recent studies show that 60 characters or less is the ideal subject line length. Therefore, less is almost always more when writing titles that double as promotional subject lines.

Maximizing the value of this small character count can be tricky. However, start off on the right foot by frontloading the most important keywords to the left. Every character you use matters, and you don’t want to leave your most important words—for example, your brand name or central topic of discussion—for the end of the subject line or title. Utilizing commonly used acronyms in your market(s) ameliorates this issue, as well, automatically giving you more space to work with.

Tactical Messaging Advice

Balancing length while packing in your key terms is just one step towards getting your message seen. It’s a fine line, but you’ll want to tease what’s your copy, versus giving all the info away at the outset. Remember, your goal is getting readers to follow through in engaging with your message (for example, opening an email), so don’t give away too much.

Do incorporate eye-catching action verbs and numbers that will help your message stand out in the sea of someone’s inbox. Other tips to employ include:

  • How to's
  • Numbers and listicles
  • Questions
  • Statistics
  • Playing up fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD)
  • "Vs." and comparison angles

If you take away one piece of advice from this article, it’s this: make the space in your titles and subject lines count, whether by employing the tactics highlighted above, frontloading different key words or your brand name/solution, or utilizing acronyms. An effective webinar title, in essence, is clear, concise and intriguing!

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